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She Sees Angels Art Academy

Look up, look closely. Engage. Create.

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I believe every child shoud be given the opportunity to create, express, look at and engage in art. The She Sees Angels Art Academy aims to create an environment where every child is given the space, freedom and time to immerse themselves in a creative project. Children are exposed to fine art, artists and visual culture; they learn not only about visual culture, but also about the artist, the society and the circumstances in which it was created. 

Sessions begin with an image. The children are asked to describe it, tell me how it makes them feel, what they think of it and how they think it was created, when and why. All thoughts, feelings and observations are positively acknowledged and the children are gently encouraged to elborate, express and emote.

Then some background information is given on the artist and some context is provided, before they can start to interpet and create an image for themselves, with any media provided by the Academy. 

Artsists recently covered are 20th Century and fin de siècle with children up to key stage 2 

Key stage 3 - 4 moves onto old Masters, Women in art and the Renaissance (Northern and Italian). The sessions can be tailored to any curriculum topics but offer a wide range of topics that include all Humanities subjects.

Sessions last between 60-90 minutes but longer sessions can be accomodated, and are completely free.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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